Dry-installed pump

Single-stage axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation, with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, EN or ASME.

Main Applications

  • Waterworks
  • Desalination plants
  • Pressure boosting
  • Water transport
  • Service water and cooling water for power stations and industry
  • Irrigation pumping stations
  • Drainage pumping stations
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Shipbuilding
  • District heating systems and district cooling systems

Technical Data


  • Low maintenance costs:
    • Fast and easy to install thanks to self-centring components (upper casing part, rotor, casing cover)
    • Materials resistant to corrosion and abrasion
    • Smooth operation with low vibration levels
    • Replacement and spare parts fit several pump sizes
  • Long service life:
    • Sealed and dry shaft
    • Short bearing distances and a short shaft
    • Optional impeller wear rings
    • Replaceable shaft protecting sleeve
  • High operating reliability:
    • Rigid shaft without threads between the bearings
    • Generously sized bearings (Lh10 = 100,000 hours)
    • Reliable sealing thanks to solid casing split flange
    • Double-entry impeller for axial thrust balancing
    • Double volute design
  • High flexibility:
    • Drive can be positioned to the left or right of the pump
    • Shaft sealed by gland packing or mechanical seals
    • Various horizontal and vertical installation options
    • Flanges to DIN or ASME
  • Excellent efficiencies and NPSH values:
    • Computer-optimised impellers
    • Large impeller inlet diameters for optimum suction behaviour
    • Cost-effective replacing of casing and impeller wear rings
    • Vortex-free intake elbow with low energy losses
    • Impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point
    • Several hydraulic systems per pump size


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