Water Treatment

Supplying fresh, clean water every day: A challenge which KSB handles with competence.

As a globally recognised specialist for water treatment, KSB sets standards in waterworks systems and desalination systems from Paris to New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Singapore.

Water treatment: A complex task bearing great responsibility

Surging global demand for water – especially in industry and households – requires ever more and larger water treatment systems and plants which have to work efficiently. A further challenge is that in future more than 40 % of drinking water will have to be produced via seawater desalination.

Obtaining drinking water or process water often requires mechanical and biological water treatment. In many cases, large masses of water need to be transported as energy-efficiently as possible. Especially in the case of drinking water treatment, all components must also meet stringent hygiene standards as people’s health is at stake.

KSB ensures that you are better equipped for any challenge

KSB can help you tackle water treatment processes, whatever the requirements. KSB pumps and valves ensure efficient transport to treatment facilities. In performing this task, they are very reliable and require minimal maintenance.

Thanks to a flexible modular design system, KSB can offer the right pumps regardless of your system requirements. Pumps and valves are also perfectly optimised to work with each other. KSB products thus enable extremely energy-efficient operation and help to reduce the life cycle costs of your system.

KSB solutions for water treatment: flexible, durable, efficient

KSB offers you particularly durable pumps and valves with excellent quality and innovative technology that meet demanding hygiene standards such as the French ACS drinking water regulation. For example: Products from the Etanorm range find use as effective backwash pumps for filter vessels, while Multitec high-pressure pumps ensure optimum supply of treated drinking water.

KSB also benefits from a broad base of application knowledge in the field of water treatment. This know-how is based on experience with numerous successfully implemented projects all over the world. KSB is continuously expanding this knowledge through its own research.

In addition, KSB offers a comprehensive range of engineering services which see our specialists supporting consultants, engineering contractors and operators – for example with building design or hydraulic calculations for optimum and efficient plants.

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