Jockey Pump



CR vertical, multi-stage, centrifugal in-line pumps can be effectively used for many
different industrial & commercial fire water supply systems. These pumps are up to
the task in the most challenging environments for pressure maintenance / jockey applications.
They feature state-of-the-art hydraulics and quiet and efficient motors.



  • All CR pump motors have heavy­ duty bearings in them for maximum thrust require­ments.
  • It is not recommended that an off-the-shelf standard Baldor motor be used on a Grundfos pump.
  • Ideally, the best motor choice would be the Grundfos specified motor.




Peerless : Vertical Turbine

Our engineered vertical turbine pumps have a solid reputation for innovation, quality and reliability for all of your pumping needs.



  • Well water
  • Water lift from lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.
  • Booster applications
  • Jockey Pump
  • Cooling towers
  • Industrial process



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