Alfa Laval's AC line is ideal for evaporation duties, with an optimized distribution system that provides best-in-class thermal performance
Optimized for demanding duties, AlfaNova is a unique fusion-bonded heat exchanger made from 100% stainless steel.
Alfa Laval AXP brazed plate heat exchangers are designed to handle extreme pressures in subcritical and transcritical applications
With high thermal efficiency and a small footprint, Alfa Laval CB brazed plate heat exchangers are suitable for numerous applications.
Alfa Laval CD is a brazed plate heat exchanger designed specifically for use as a compressed air dryer.
Alfa Laval's DOC heat exchangers are a uniquely robust, compact and efficient solution for oil cooling applications.
Alfa Laval AlfaQ is used for HVAC applications. This product range is AHRI certified to ensure optimal performance.
Alfa Laval Industrial line is an extremely wide product range that is used in all types of industries. The number of sizes, plate and gasket materials and available options are enormous.
Alfa Laval Industrial semi-welded line is used when gaskets are not suitable for one of the process media.
The alfa Laval Filter (ALF) constitutes of a range of automatically selfcleaning filters/strainers, used mainly to protect heat exchangers from clogging,fouling and corrosion in various industries.
The ultra-compact Alfa Laval GL product line ensures maximum heat transfer and efficiency in asymmetric gas applications.
Alfa Laval GLX gas-to-liquid heat exchangers are a flexible solution that maximize efficiency while minimizing pressure drop with gas media.

GPHE features that matter

There’s a common misconception in the industry that all gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers are the same, no matter the brand. However, there are quite a few design features that can have a huge impact on your operation. The features highlighted below are important components to look for in a GPHE, and when combined, these features offer extensive benefits, including:

  • Reduced installation, maintenance and spare parts costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Decreased downtime
  • Higher production output
  • Increased staff safety


With most cooling solutions involve one or more heat exchangers, Alfa Laval experts identifies solution for your specific cooling needs, customised from our range of comprehensive heat exchangers that are performance-certified to ensure reliable performance.
Whether you work with diesel engines themselves or their application in power generation, your choice of auxiliary equipment plays a vital role in your success.
Thermal power generation increasing demand and stricter regulations call for finding new ways to supply electricity in an dependable, environmentally sound
Alfa Laval helps customers around the world to cool down and/or filtrate hydraulic oils and lube oils for maximum performance. Fluid power uses fluids or air under pressure to generate, control, and transmit power.
Renewable power generation can contribute to long-term sustainability of our planet and provide substantial benefits for our climate, health, and economy.