UL/FM series

  • JH6H Low Speed (1470 – 2600 rpm)
  • JU6H High Speed (2800 – 3000 rpm)
  • JU6R / JU6R Series
  • JU6H Low Speed (1470 – 2600 rpm)
  • JU6H High Speed (2800 – 3000 rpm)


Since 1964, Clarke has been assembling fire pump drivers. By working with the world’s top engine manufacturers,
every Clarke engine is guaranteed to provide the most reliable and powerful fire protection. With the top names in

horsepower backing the Clarke name, why wouldn’t you want Clarke protecting your people and property?
Clarke holds themselves to the highest standard when it comes to fire protection, and we want you to hold yourself
to that standard too.




Fire Pump Motors : Three Phase



Specially developed line for industrial and commercial pumping applications.

  • Fire Pumps


High Efficiency motors are specifically designed to meet or exceed all EPAct requirements for energy efficiency.
They are certified by the Department of Energy with our Certificate of Compliance number CC029A.
These Fire Pump Duty (ODP) motors are designed for environments where dirt and moisture are minimal
and provide maximum ventilation and heat dissipation.



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