Fire Pump


To meet the rigorous requirements of the NFPA 20 standards, certain accessories are required for all fire pump installations.
They will vary, however, to fit the needs of each individual installation and the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction.
Peerless Pump provides a wide range of fire pump fittings which include: concentric discharge increaser, casing relief valve,
eccentric suction reducer, increasing discharge tee, overflow cone, hose valve head, hose valves, hose valve caps and chains,
suction and discharge gauges, relief valve, automatic air release valve, flow meter, and ball drip valve. No matter what the requirements,
Peerless Pump has a complete line of accessories available and can satisfy the requirements of each installation.

The charts below graphically illustrate the many accessories as well as the optional drives that are
available with all Peerless fire pumps and packaged systems.

Accessories and Valves

Pressure Relief Valve
Air Relief Valve
Flow Meter
Fuel Tank

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