Industrial Water Treatment

KSB offers crystal clear expertise in industrial water treatment

Water treatment is integral to almost every industrial manufacturing process. Industrial pumps and valves from KSB rise to meet this challenge reliably and economically.

When it comes to water, quality requirements could not be clearer

Many products require specially treated water meeting the highest quality standards in their industrial manufacturing processes. These processes, including for example boiler feed water treatment, are subject to strict legal requirements which plant operators must comply with at all times. And yet the same operators are simultaneously looking to increase the productivity and service life of their systems. This requires dependable and efficient pumps which ensure reliable and economical operation.

This much is clear: KSB supports particularly effective water treatment

Whether they find use in cooling water, boiler feed water, process water, water softening or filtration processes, KSB pumps and valves represent reliable, robust and economical products for every process in industrial water treatment. They are characterised by their dependability, longevity and low life cycle costs.

In cooling and air-conditioning systems, KSB pumps ensure trouble-free and economical operation by supplying soft and desalinated water. When treating boiler feed water in water/steam systems, they provide efficient softening, decarbonisation and desalination. In ultrafiltration, microorganisms, germs and solids are filtered from the process water. The result is so-called permeate, which is almost entirely free of dissolved foreign substances.

Water-tight solutions: KSB’s portfolio for water treatment

Innovative materials and sealing elements ensure that neither extreme temperatures nor aggressive liquids can compromise industrial pumps and valves. With its energy-efficient solutions and automation products, KSB also sets environmental standards – including for industrial water treatment. One example is KSB’s innovative FluidFuture® energy-saving concept, which can achieve permanent reductions in operating costs.

KSB’s extensive product portfolio with its modular structure ensures that you will always find the right solution for your specific requirements. Product families such as Eta, Movitec and Multitec can be individually configured according to your needs. And tailored solutions are of course also available.

KSB benefits from many years of experience and expertise in the field of industrial water treatment and offers technically advanced products as well as comprehensive service solutions.

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