Immersible Pumps for Industry

Compact tank top solutions for demanding applications


When you choose a Grundfos immersible pump, you get a pump used by the metal processing industry for decades that has proven its worth. In addition, the Grundfos range of MTR, MTH, MTA, MTD and MTS immersible pumps include sizes and material variants that fit general industry applications, bringing their renowned reliability and precision to an even wider number of application areas.

I amA Grundfos immersible pumping solution will optimise your processes, increase efficiency, and lower your energy consumption. All pumps are available for 50 Hz and/or 60 Hz operation and global voltages.

Stainless steel variants

Grundfos offers a comprehensive range of stainless-steel pumps providing many benefits, for example superior corrosion resistance and an easy-to-clean surface. Immersible pumps available in stainless steel include the MTH and the MTR/MTRE.

The chromium oxide film offers surface protection, and the addition of other elements such as nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen give the steel special properties. All Grundfos stainless steel products meet EN 1.4401 and EN 1.4301 stainless steel grades.


The MTR, MTH, MTA and MTD vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps and the MTS screw pumps are designed for mounting on top of tanks with the pump unit immersed in the liquid to be pumped. The pumps consist of two main components: The motor and the pump unit. Depending on the solution required, the length of the immersed pump unit can vary.

With a range capable of delivering from 0.5 to 102 m³/h at pressures of up to 100 bar where required, there is a Grundfos immersible pump for every process. Applications where Grundfos immersible pumps are used include:

Machine tool

Delivers the pressure and flow of coolant for the precise cooling and lubrication required to obtain a good finish and tolerances for machined parts

 Temperature control

Exact temperature control, also for precision applications with temperature fine-tuned within a margin of 0.01 °C

Wash & clean

Ideal for all industrial washing requirements where compact installation is required, and for dealing with different kinds of alkaline media


Pumps for low pressure with allowance for particles up to 10 mm and pumps for general low and high pressure filtration systems

Water treatment

Ideal as a washdown pump for filter cleansing in disc and drum filters for municipal wastewater treatment and industrial water treatment, and for water treatment in Aquaculture

ปั๊มจุ่มในเครื่องจักร coolant pump ปั๊มหมุนเวียนในเครื่องจักร


  • Compact, tank top design
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible immersible length
  • Broad product range
  • Wide performance range
  • 50 Hz and/or 60 Hz operation
  • Stainless steel parts, tailored to the application
  • Motors for every need
  • High efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Service-friendly


The MTR range offers a broad range of high efficiency pumps of different immersible length for varying flow and pressure requirements of up to 102 m³/h (1700 l/min) and pressures up to 35 bar. MTR pumps are available as a customised solution in cast iron or stainless steel and in number of variants.

In addition to machine tool, wash & clean applications, and the circulation of cooling liquids, MTR pumps are also used as condensate or filter pumps. They are well suited for water treatment applications as well.

The MTR range is also available:

  •  With drainage back to tank solution
  • As completely enclosed for temperatures up to 120 °C
  • For horizontal installation in the side of the tank
  • With explosion-proof motors, ATEX-approved pump/motors

immersible pump

immersible pump



Leak-free pumps are a top priority in any industrial process. Leaking pumps may lead to costly downtime and in turn affect part cost. The MTR DBT (Drainage Back to Tank) pump effectively eliminates that risk, as the liquid remains in the tank where it is supposed to be – even if the shaft seal is worn out and starts to leak. In addition to being leak-free, the MTR DBT pump features an innovative frequency drive motor that reduces energy consumption to reduce further
part costs.

  • Downtime risk due to leakage is eliminated
  • No risk of contamination
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduction of part costs
  • Non-sticking solution for the shaft seal on startup


An E-solution means electronic control and energy savings. This all-in-one solution with pump, motor and integrated frequency converter is packed with intelligent features that makes installation, operation, and service exceptionally easy and performance much more efficient and reliable. The compact, integrated design comes with one drive for use worldwide and complies with all international standards.

  • IE5 motor with an integrated frequency converter
  • Sensors
  • BUS communication
  • Pump motor monitoring and protection

immersible pump

immersible pump


immersible pump

immersible pump


An E-solution means electronic control and energy savings. This all-in-one solution with pump, motor and integrated frequency converter is packed with intelligent features that makes installation, operation, and service exceptionally easy and performance much more efficient and reliable. The MTSE is a smaller and more compact pump which is designed to run at power limit. This makes it possible to boost the pressure at lower flows by increasing the frequency, and you can also use the motor 100 % over the full pump curve. The compact, integrated design comes with one drive for use worldwide and complies with all international standards.

  • IE5 motor with an integrated frequency converter
  • Sensors
  • BUS communication
  • Pump motor monitoring and protection


Assembled pump system with MTS/MTSE screw pump, mounting plate, pressure relief valve and piping.

  • Fully integrated all-in-one system
    All components, including valves, are preassembled to customer specifications
  • Economical pump operation
    Pump efficiency above 80 % with low heat transfer into the coolant system and low cooling requirements
  • Pressure relief valves
    The pressure relief valves below are especially designed for use in coolant applications.

ปั๊มจุ่มในเครื่องจักร coolant pump ปั๊มหมุนเวียนในเครื่องจักร


Grundfos MTS pumps are screw pumps designed for high pressure pumping of cooling lubricants and cutting oils for machine tool applications. These pumps come with various pump sizes and screw pitches to provide the flow and pressure required.

Using MTS screw pumps in machine tool applications, where high pressure is required, results in an increased surface quality and a decreased machining time. The MTS pump is available in different installation variants, such as tank top, in-tank and dry installation, all with a range of connection options.

  • Motor
    Standard IE3 motor. Motor protection directly from PTC. IP55 as standard, available in a tropicalised variant for condensing environments.
  • Screw pump design
    High efficiency from the unique three-screw pump design and fine tolerances lead to operation with reduced cooling efforts and low operational costs
  • Resistance to high pressure
    The extra-long pressure compensation piston with labyrinth seal and the hydrostatic axial thrust balancing with special pressure-compensation bushings increase resistance to high pressure
  • Maintenance-free sealing
    Seal ring or mechanical seal according to EN 12796
  • Broad range
    Large number of pump sizes and pitch angles for different flows, and tank top, dry and horizontal installation
  • Operation
    Low vibration and noise level and long lifetime from highly wear-resistant hardened rotor housing and PVD-coated spindles
  • Materials
    Rotor housing: Special hardened, 1200 HV
    Screws: PVD coating, 1200 HV
  • Connections
    Internal thread: Rp
    Flange: SAE
  • Leakage inspection tube
    The transparent tube allows you to see when any leakage starts, enabling you to plan maintenance


The MTA range of single-stage immersible pumps has been designed especially for filtering systems in the machine tool industry. The semi-open impellers allow the passing of chips up to 10 mm, making the pumps ideal for removing liquid from any machining process – from boring and milling to grinding. The compact MTA pumps efficiently transport liquid containing chips, fibres and abrasive particles on to the filtering unit.

The low-pressure pumps are available in many different flow variants and come with a choice of bottom suction or suction from the top of the volute. The pump is designed to be maintenance-free, and therefore does not contain shaft seals or other wear parts. MTA pumps can also be used for simple cooling applications.


Carefully chosen materials ensure trouble-free operation and long life. The top of the pump is made of cast iron, while the impeller is available in composite or bronze. Composite is used in MTA pumps with flow up to 300 l/min. In the bigger pumps with higher flow, the impellers are made of bronze to ensure resistance to for example metal chips. As the pumped liquid will always contain oil, there is no risk of corrosion.

  • Motor
    Three-phase motor, available for global voltages
  • High-efficiency motor and hydraulic
    Low operational costs
  • Variable length
    A number of different immersible lengths are available for each pump size to cover various tank designs
  • Long bearing lifetime
  • No shaft seal
    Prevents leakages
  • Bottom or top suction
    Suction option for different demands
  • Semi-open impeller
    Ensures free passage of solids and chips


The MTH range of immersible pumps with the motor and pump in one unit is very compact, increasing the ease of installation. Available in cast iron or stainless steel, the MTH range can be supplied in different immersible lengths for varying flow and pressure requirements. The MTH pump comes with dual frequency 50/60 Hz as standard.

The MTH range is ideal for machine tool, wash & clean and chiller applications.

  • Motor
    Standard IE3 motor available for global voltage with single and three-phase motors. Motor protection directly from Klixon or PTC
  • Seal solution
    Grundfos offers a wide range of mechanical shaft seals
    with different seal faces such as Silicon Carbide, Carbon
    and Tungsten Carbide to handle almost any industrial
    liquid. Drainage back to solution is standard for the MTH
  • Materials
    Available in cast iron or stainless steel, depending on the application
  • Variable length
    To reach the exact depth of tank, the immersible length can be extended up to 334 mm, depending on pump size
  • Inlet
    Fitted with a suction strainer that prevents large solid particles from entering and damaging the pump. The size of the passage in the strainer and the impeller depends on the pump size. The special priming screw allows for liquid levels down to 25 mm
  • Pipe connections
    Internal thread: Rp, NPT


Meets current motor and pump efficiency requirements applicable in your market such as the global MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) for the motor and the Ecodesign requirements for rotodynamic water pumps defined by the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI)

ปั๊มจุ่มในเครื่องจักร coolant pump ปั๊มหมุนเวียนในเครื่องจักร

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